AquaSoftner Water Purifier

AquaSoftner- the Smart Water Softener for Safe Drinking in UAE

AquaSoftener which employs the innovative softener technology turns the highly chlorinated hard water into soft water that is free from all kinds of impurities and undesired taste & odour. AquaSofter is highly affordable and durable so that the consumers can use this latest technology enabled water purifier without any concern. The purification process begins just when the water from the main line enters the softener. The water enters the main vessel through the control valve that is fitted with Resin Bed that absorbs all the suspended particles. Also, the Brine Tank filled with salts inserted in the softener eliminates all the hard water materials and the water finally passes through all the connections and enters the taps which are connected to the softener.

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Features of AquaSoftner Water Softner

CAPACITY: 1500 GPD or 2500 GPD

  • Cabinet-L: 32x48x114 cm (Blue & White)
  • USA Made Control Valve (8”x 22” tank use)
  • 1252/1054 Fiber Glass Vessel
  • 1252/1054 Carbon Vessel
  • UK Made Cation Resin Bed
  • Transformer 12V
  • Salt Valve Set
  • 1” Inlet Connector
  • Brine Pipe Connector
  • Shipping Dimension: 51x45x125 cm/set
  • Weight: 46KG’s (Without resin bed)

Availability: Aqua Softner Water  Softner is available in Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Fujairah, Sharjah, Dubai, Ras al-Khaimah and Umm al-Qaiwain (all areas of UAE). If you prefer to buy online, you have a variety of online stores including

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