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Livpure offers the best water purifying solution

For nearly 12 years Livpure has been successfully delivering water purification & water filtration process to domestic consumers, businesses and large organizations throughout UAE. We provide you with hygienic drinking water which reflects on our commitment to care for the quality of water that you and your family consume.

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Livpure empowering you by providing the best water purifier solutions. Livpure is Dubai’s First water purifier with D-oxy & silver nano Technology purifier – Livpure, In Livpure water purifier the water is passed through RO membrane at high pressure. RO membrane removes Bacteria, Virus, Protozoa, Parasites and reduces Dissolved salts, Hardness, Pesticides and Heavy Metals from the water.

With compared with bottled waters the Middle East mainly rely on water purifiers and water filters. The government authorities and related agencies don’t advise the use of bottled water due to chemical reactions that affect the quality of water when exposed to sunlight. This increase in the toxic level of water is considered as the main reasons for aging disorders such as dyschezia, hyperpiesia, diabetics, cancer, etc. By using a Livpure water filter or water purifier, this issue is overcome effectively. Livpure steps in here, we ensure the most sterile and freshwater for the whole family by using Livpure RO Water Purifiers.

Livpure’s patented NEON Plus uses Silver nanotechnology preventing bacterial growth and gives you pure and tasty water making Livpure the most trusted and largest selling RO water purifier. It is best suited for offices and homes.

D-Oxy+cartridge to enhance the taste and quality of water.
7-Stage advanced purification system
Purified water storage capacity of 8 liters (approx)
Silver nano technology prevents bacterial growth and gives you pure and tasty water

Livpure RO Water Purifier/Filter, the synonym of sterility.

Enjoy the taste of fresh and sterile water with Livpure, promising you only the best!

Choose Livpure, have a safe choice of water for you and your family.

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Dubai's first D-Oxy and silver nanotechnology filter

The major purification technologies used in water purifiers are: RO (Reverse Osmosis), UF (Ultra Filtration) and UV (Ultra Violet) Purification, the best water purifiers have a combination of the above-mentioned purification technologies to remove a versatile amount of impurities. Most of the water purifier models use multistage purification to give you a completely safe and pure drinking water.

Livpure purifier works through as following Pre filter this removes fine and coarse particulate impurities from water, Activated Carbon absorbs chlorine, chemical impurities and organic impurities like harmful pesticides from water, adsorbs bad taste and odor causing organic compound from water , Sediment Filter performs micro level filtration, Reverse Osmosis (RO) Membrane allows water to be passed through RO membrane at high pressure. RO membrane removes Bacteria, Virus, Protozoa, Parasites and reduces Dissolved salts, Hardness, Pesticides and Heavy Metals from the water. Next stage is D-Oxy+ Cartridge, this enhances the taste and quality of water. It adds the required minerals to purified water and balances the pH of purified water. Next Stage is Post Carbon Filter which enhances the taste and quality of water by removing micro level dissolved organic impurities. Next stage is Ultraviolet (UV) Disinfection Column which disinfects the water from waterborne disease-causing Bacteria, Virus and Protozoa, thereby making it microbiologically safe to drink.

All these stages ensure that you get the best quality of drinking water to protect your family from any and all harms.

Livpure NEON Plus

Water Purifier


Our Customers Testimonials

“Livpure purifier has let us enjoy pure water without having to worry about contaminatns and dieasease.”

Peace of mind every time I drink water. The Livpure Water System is easy to use and the family loves the taste of fresh clean water. What more can I say, it’s worth every fills. – Mr. Mohan Kumar

I bought Livpure Ro water Filter 2 months ago for Home and the product is working fine. I loved the design and even the performance is also excellent. It enhances the quality of water and now its the best in my House. – Mr. Kabir Mishra

We have Livpure in our home and have tap connected. It is an awesome product and great service. My daughter will only drink this water now even bottled water tastes awful to her. – Mr. Vishal Subramaniam

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