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Water Purifier Price List in UAE


For all those who are not convinced about the quality of tap water and don’t like drinking from plastic bottles, we have compiled a list of efficient water purifiers in the UAE market and their prices for you.

There is a wide range of water purifiers available in the market using different water filtering technologies like RO, UV, UF, De-Oxy or a combination of one or two technologies.  

Here is a list of handpicked water purifier models from all the popular water purifier brands in the UAE.  


Model Price in UAE
Aquaguard AQUA SMART  RO+UF 1600
Aquaguard AQUA SMART  RO+UF+UV 1899.00
Aquaguard AQUA SMART  RO+UF+UV +AA 2199.00
Aquaguard ULTIMA RO+UF 2200.00
Aquaguard ULTIMA RO+AA+ Veeru Mug 2599.00
Aquaguard MAGNA RO+UF 1600.00
Aquaguard CLASSIC+ UV + UF 999.00
KENT Grand+ RO+UF+UV 1799.00
KENT Sterling RO+UF+UV 2100.00
KENT Prime RO+UF+UV 1799.00
KENT Excell+ RO+UF+UV 1799.00
Livpure Envy neo RO+UF+UV 2050.00
Livpure UTC Neon plus De-Oxy 2399.00
Livpure Touch plus RO+UF+UV 2150.00


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